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Sustainable Green Campus

Yıldız Technical University sustainability studies are carried out under six main headings; campus and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste, water, transportation, education, and research. The studies of sustainability are shared on the website. In addition, an annual Sustainability Report is prepared and published by the sustainability commission.

YTU Sustainable Development Policy, consisting of 17 items, has been established for the Sustainable Development Goal. In addition, the "Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Directive", the "Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy", which are among the sustainability activities;  the "Gender Equality Plan" prepared for the elimination of inequalities; the "Life on Land" report, which deals with the activities for the protection of natural habitats on the campus are posted on the website.

YTU has become one of the member organizations of the International Network for Scientific Approaches and Solutions for Sustainable Development (UNSDSN), which cooperates with universities to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and the achievement of their countries' goals.


YTU Greenstars Sustainability Model

In order to ensure the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of our country, all institutions must make the necessary transformations and adapt their own institutional policies into both national and international goals in order to achieve the policies and goals established in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, and the Green Agreement.

Developing and implementing common policies and projects, supplying the necessary financing, and also providing supervision on related issues, in order for all institutions in different sectors such as central and local public institutions, private sector organizations, non-governmental organizations, and universities to fulfill their responsibilities, align with the vision and strategies of the institutions, will be possible by shaping them by ensuring sustainability in "Environmental, Economic and Social" dimensions.

The “YTU Greenstars Sustainability Model” has been created by YTU to monitor and evaluate these processes and to ensure that institutions carry out their business processes and activities in accordance with national and international standards and targets. Institutions are provided with human, economic, environmental, and societal-based development monitoring by YTU, and the processes and activities of institutions are monitored within the framework of sustainability with Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The institutions evaluated within the indicators are certified with the «YTU-Greenstars Certificate» according to the evaluation result.

We Fulfill Our Responsibilities for the Future of the World

Considering that climate change and environmental sustainability will be a serious threat in the future, we are taking steps towards being a part of our responsibilities for the future. We see it as our goal to provide transportation with low-carbon vehicles in our campus areas, reduce carbon emissions by promoting vehicle-free/micro-mobility, utilize waste, make plans to develop world-class education and research facilities, create social awareness, and contribute to sustainability for our campus, our country and the whole world. 

We Increase Environmental Protection Awareness with Energy Savings

Being the first state university to receive the "Zero Waste in Istanbul Certificate", YTU continues its studies for recycling wastes for the economy and for a sustainable environmental approach.

The destruction that global climate change will cause in the not-too-distant future is perhaps the greatest danger awaiting our world after the pandemic… It is possible to put an end to this trend with a sustainable environmental approach. Being aware of this, YTU has already started to take steps towards being a part of its future responsibilities… YTU is aware that sustainability plays a key role in research-innovation and commercialization activities and that it is necessary to accelerate the studies in this field… The target is to provide transportation with low-carbon vehicles in campus areas, reduce carbon emissions by promoting vehicle-free/micro-mobility, evaluate waste, make plans to develop world-class education and research facilities, create social awareness in order to contribute to sustainability for Turkey and the whole world… In fact, Yıldız Technical University, which takes concrete steps considering that fulfilling these obligations for future generations should be our common goal and common commitment, thinks that every member in the society has a role to play in this endeavor.


The Number of Green Area Arrangements
on Davutpaşa Campus



Rain Harvest Gathering
Tank Capacity 

YTU is taking giant steps in the field of sustainability for a better future.


The Best and the Most Efficient Sustainability Practices

From this point of view, it continues to generate new ideas and encourage exciting innovations through interdisciplinary collaboration while developing solutions for global challenges. In its innovation and commercialization studies, YTU continues its efforts to produce innovative solutions in systems such as solar energy and hydrogen energy, which are renewable energy sources, and carries out pioneering activities in this field. In addition, it contributes to research and policy development on human effects on climate change, developing social projects, and making progress towards a more sustainable future. Besides, YTU continues to work on modeling an institutional path to a more sustainable campus. Yıldız Technical University Sustainability Plan is a critical and necessary step to building a more sustainable future. In this context, the University established the Sustainable Campus Commission and prepared the "Yıldız Technical University Sustainable Campus Report 2020" under the editorship of Commission President Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Polatoğlu.

Sustainability Activities in 2020

YTU established the "Sustainable Campus Commission" in order to carry out its sustainability activities in a systematic and planned manner. Yıldız Technical University has announced its environmental sustainability efforts in 2020 at, focusing on the “Sustainable Campus”. Accordingly, it shared its sustainable goals based on four main concepts: Smart, Green, Non-Handicapped and Sustainable. With its green campus approach, it has the characteristics of a sustainable campus with a solution to regional environmental problems, reduction of the effects of climate change, disaster management, self-sufficient energy system, waste management, protection of water, and creation of ecological awareness. Yıldız Technical University, which has been continuing its studies in line with the "Greenmetric Sustainability Indices" since 2016, has determined its study subjects as Campus and Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change, Waste, Water, Transportation, Education, and Research.