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Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit

The Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit is responsible for carrying out the secretariat services of the SRP Commission, transferring budget appropriations to the private account, conducting the work and transactions related to the private account, and carrying out and monitoring the processes determined by the relevant legislation of the projects supported by national and international organizations in which higher education institution researchers take part, and carrying out other duties assigned by the senior manager regarding scientific research projects in coordination with the relevant units.

Vision: To ensure the effective use of resources by providing the support that Yıldız Technical University faculty members need for their scientific research quickly and completely and to improve the quality of research activities of our university in terms of quality and quantity.

Mission: To ensure the conduct and dissemination of scientific research that will benefit our country and humanity and the development of interdisciplinary and national-international cooperation.

In 2021, 339 Research Projects were supported by the SRP Coordination Unit with a budget of 10.404.270,85₺.

With the projects supported by the BAP Coordination Unit in different categories, our researchers and scholars can carry out their scientific studies with the allocated budgets.

Support Programs

  • General Research Projects (GAP)
  • Multidisciplinary Research Projects (ÇAP)
  • Career Support Projects (KADEP)
  • Graduate Thesis Projects (TEZ-YL and TEZ-D)
  • Rapid Support Projects (HIZ)
  • Guided Research and Development Projects (G-R&D-P)
  • Yildiz Technical University - Industry Cooperation Projects (YTU-SIP)
  • Undergraduate Student Participatory Research Projects (LIKAP)
In 2021, 473 SRP projects and 64 TÜBİTAK projects were carried out with SRP coordination.

In addition to the projects supported by the SRP unit, coordination of projects supported by external sources is also provided.

  • EU Projects