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Continuing Education and Research Center (Yıldız-Sem)

Yıldız Technical University Continuing Education and Research Center (Yıldız-Sem)

In today's competitive environment, the magic wand is sought by institutions which want to be permanent and make a difference in education. On the other hand, institutions that do not see education as a fundamental part of their institutional system cannot adapt to innovations and changes. In this context, Yıldız-SEM designs training programs for the special education needs of institutions aiming at development and change.

New technological developments and rapid change reveal the need for societies to become information societies and lifelong learners. Information societies need individuals with lifelong learning skills. However, there is a lack of lifelong learning, professional diversity and development, personal development, and social development opportunities. Individuals and institutions aiming to keep up with these rapid changes and catch up with the era are looking for development opportunities to achieve quality and efficiency. Universities, which are the source of information, have important duties in providing different learning options to society by transforming this new information and technologies into educational opportunities.

In this transition period to the information society, the existence and survival of an institution is only possible with its investment in human beings. For today's successful institutions, the most important condition for standing out among their competitors and living long and profitably is to produce "quality" work and to attract the qualified "workforce" that creates and maintains this quality. Therefore, universities and institutions come together frequently to strengthen institutions by directing institutional development and thus reinforcing their sensitive structures, especially in times of crisis.

Yıldız Technical University Yıldız Continuing Education and Research Center is trying to contribute to institutional development with a wide range of education programs such as Foreign Languages, Computer Literacy, Technical, Certificate, Distance Education, Culture, Art and Sports programs by making use of the knowledge and expertise of our university's valuable faculty members.

In this context, Yıldız-SEM's “vision” can be stated as follows: To be a leading center in its field that provides lifelong education, research, and consultancy support to individuals and institutions with its diversity of education fields and high service quality in the process of transition to the information society.

Its "mission" is to prepare and develop quality, up-to-date and innovative lifelong education programs that use the developing technology by making use of the accumulated knowledge in education, science, technology, and art in the areas needed to carry out activities for the development of the society, and to create a bridge between the business world and the university at national and international level. 

Trainings Provided: 

  • Certified Training Programs
  • Culture-Art-Sports Programs
  • Foreign Language Programs
  • Computer Education
  • Technical Training
  • International Programs
  • Exam Preparation Course Programs
  • Psychological Counseling and Guidance and Psychology Training