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Yıldız Campus

A “live” campus with its social facilities

It Trains Qualified Engineers in the Maritime Field

Naval Architecture and Maritime Faculty

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department, which was established in 1967 to meet Turkey's need for shipbuilding and ship machinery engineers, is one of the two most well-established institutions providing education in this field with its half-century history. In addition to this, "Naval Machinery Management Engineering Department" was established in 2008 to meet the need for engineers to work on ships. These two departments were combined under the roof of the Faculty of Shipbuilding and Maritime in 2009. With its 65 academics, the Faculty not only contributes positively to the qualified engineer training process that Turkey needs, but also increases its effectiveness in the maritime field and enables more efficient use of human resources.

A Faculty that Trains Leading Engineers in High-Tech Production by Continuously Developing 

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Our institution has been directing the education and training practices with the Mechanical Engineering Department. The department has been continuing its studies since 1937  in order to meet the need for qualified manpower and fulfill the mission of high-tech goods production that is one of the essential elements of productive transformation and development. The department has been under the umbrella of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering since 1993 with the establishment of the Industrial Engineering Department. Our faculty, which catches up with the requirements of the modern age and aims to go beyond the age with the Mechatronics Engineering Department established in 2007, is equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide the technical, administrative and R&D studies of the industry with its 171 academic staff. The department has advanced entrepreneurial, researcher, analysis and synthesis skills and continues to train engineers who are sensitive to environmental and cultural values and useful to their country and humanity.

Proven Experience in Theory, Technology Development, and Practice

Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture, consisting of Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning and Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration Departments, continues its work with its 129 academics to become a pioneering faculty that has proven itself in the fields of education, scientific research, theory and technology development and application at national and international level.