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Student Clubs

65 Clubs Await YTU Students

Yıldız Technical University has 65 clubs, all of which are managed by students, with the awareness that it is not possible to become a university student just by taking classes… From Mountaineering to Physics, Archery to Development and Innovation Club, it is possible to find a club here according to the interests of each student.

Yıldız Technical University maintains its understanding of universal education by supporting it with social and cultural activities, taking into account the requirements of the time, in the rapidly changing and developing world order. By participating in these activities throughout the year without limiting time and space, YTU tries to make these activities accessible to everyone, from students to staff and those who are interested in these issues. In this context, YTU Student Clubs exist so that students can spend their free time according to their interests, develop themselves socially and culturally, and gain the habit of having fun. All of the YTU Student Clubs, designed in a wide range from deep-rooted traditions to contemporary culture, are managed by our students and supported by all academics in order to nurture individuals with a spirit of autonomy and self-confidence. Providing students with various artistic and cultural activities in a socially rich environment, the clubs aim to maximize the cultural and artistic maturity level of students, as well as their knowledge gained throughout their learning process. 

With the "Valley of Clubs", YTU Student Clubs will both come together and improve their physical facilities.
All YTU Student Clubs are Together in This Valley

YTU completed 2020 with the "Valley of Clubs" project, which will bring together Student Clubs. “Valley of Clubs”, which was designed and realized in collaboration with the club presidents, is a project that will make the physical facilities of YTU clubs much better. The architectural design of the "Valley of Clubs" belongs to Architect Prof. Dr. Deniz Erinsel Önder. Yıldız Technical University has 65 student clubs that are actively operating. YTU student clubs continue their activities in different categories such as science, art, sports, cinema, music, literature, energy systems, engineering and design. Some of these student clubs are;


Astronomy Club

They make observations of celestial bodies and organize camps for this purpose.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Club

YıldızCON organizes the event, helping students who are interested in anime and animation characters to socialize.

Science and Math Club

By making fanzines and organizing various activities focused on mathematics, they try to ensure that students gain a vision in the field of science, especially mathematics.

Biotechnology and Genetics Club

They organize events such as panels, seminars and Forensic Medicine Days.

Digital Game Development and Digital Acting Club

They help those who are interested in programming and design of computer games, they organize game design trainings.

Language Workshop Club

They carry out activities such as conversations on literature, translation workshops, and preparing a fanzine.

Education and Information Technologies Club

They organize trainings for students in the fields such as sign language education, computer programming etc.

Economy Club

They organize panels and talks on the economy.

Board of European Students of Technology Club

As part of the international student union, they try to strengthen communication between local and foreign students and organize technology-oriented competitions for high school students.


Environment Club (YTÜÇEV) (2010)

Together with other clubs, they support the “Yıldız Transforms” project and work to raise environmental awareness.

Children and Education Club

They mostly organize events for the students of the Faculty of Education and teacher candidates, social responsibility projects targeting schools and festivals for children on April 23.


1002 Poetry and Fairy Tale Club

They organize talks on poetry and literature, book days, and prepare periodic fanzines.

Energy Systems

Alternative Energy Systems Club

They produce vehicles that work with alternative energy systems for corporate competitions.

Business Club

The Business Club is renowned for its activities in various fields such as business, careers, and social initiatives, aiming to contribute to students' development during their university years. Comprised of students who embrace the concept of being a university student, the Business Club not only provides a platform for social engagement but also hosts a wide range of high-quality career-oriented events, consistently striving to expand its community every year.

Quality and Productivity Club

The Quality and Productivity Club is a student organization at Yıldız Technical University known for its professional approach, corporate mindset, and ability to achieve outstanding results with an amateur spirit. The club's mission is to make a difference and raise awareness while enjoying the process of working together. With its national and international projects, the club has gained recognition and is identified by its distinctive "Blue" theme.


Electrical Facilities Club

They develop applications in the field of engineering, organize competitions and organize application-oriented trainings on programming and electrical systems.

50*70 Club

They organize conversations and panels on architecture, and support the career and social development of the students of the relevant department.

Physics Club

They hold conversations and workshops on physics, and organize activities to support students' interest in theoretical physics, especially in the physics department.


Awareness and Ombudsman Club

The club, in cooperation with public institutions, organizes activities to raise awareness of students and staff about the protection of rights.

Development and Innovation Club

They organize events in interdisciplinary fields, aiming for their members to gain the awareness of being a part of Yıldız Technical University.


Bicycle Club

They organize social events such as bicycle assembly, bicycle tours with the disabled, etc. 

Mountain Club

They organize climbs, give theoretical training in their fields, and participate in excursions and competitions.


They participate in national tournaments related to kickboxing and organize free trainings.

Krav Maga

They organize unarmed self-defense training.


They enable students who support the Fenerbahçe team to socialize and take part in social responsibility projects.


They provide socialization for students who support the Galatasaray team.


They provide socialization for students who support the Beşiktaş team.

Trabzonspor Supporters

They provide socialization for students who support the Trabzonspor team.


They bring together students interested in  Frisbee and participate in competitions.

Martial Arts – Wushu

They offer martial arts Wushu training.


They organize trainings in ballroom and Latin dances.


They bring together students who are interested in rowing.


They perform trainings, participate in competitions throughout the year, and bring awards to the university.


They provide training on Parkour, which is based on overcoming physical obstacles and improving speed, agility and quick thinking skills.


They bring together students who love to play foosball, enabling them to socialize, organize and host tournaments.

Yıldız Skating Community

They bring together students who love to skate and socialize.

Yoga Community

They bring together students who love to do Yoga by giving free Yoga trainings.

Underwater Sports Club

They provide theoretical training for students interested in underwater sports, organize trips where they receive hands-on training, and assist in certification procedures.

Archery Club

They support interested students by giving archery training and helping them to participate in national competitions.

Chess Club

They bring together students interested in chess and represent YTU in tournaments.

Sailing Club

They bring together students interested in sailing, represent YTU in competitions and conduct model sailing studies.