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Focus Technologies

R&D Studies Focusing on Future Technologies
YTU as an R&D University,

For the last 12 years, YTU has prioritized R&D studies in its strategic plans, and demonstrates the performance of an R&D university with its publications, projects and entrepreneurship studies.  YTU, which has signed many successful projects on a national and international scale with this understanding, is aware of the fact that it can catch the technology of future with the right and qualified R&D centers and studies...

YTU ,with the responsibility of being an R&D university, has R&D laboratories that carry out important works.  Within this scope, the "Hydrodynamics Research Center" and its laboratory installation project, planned to serve the defense industry in 2019 with the support of the Ministry of Development, is about to be completed.

YTU continues its R&D studies on defense technologies, biotechnology, clean energy and digital technologies.  It does not only catch up with the era but also contributes to the progress of global subjects such as the internet of behaviors, hyper-automation, digital twin, zero trust, Industry 4.0, quantum computing, the internet of medical objects, augmented reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics, nanotechnology,and biotechnology, which are vital today. 

YTU continues its R&D activities on Defense Technologies, Biotechnology, Clean Energy and Digital Technologies without slowing down.

Activities Performed by YTU in the Field of R&D in 2020

  • According to the articles of Stanford University academics in the journal of Plos Biology, 14 YTU academics entered the top 2%  of the world.
  • Associate Professor of Mechatronics Engineering.  Dr.  Erhan AKDOĞAN and his team developed "Motorized extendable autonomous tumor prosthesis".  Negotiations have started for the commercialization of this fully autonomous prosthesis, which was developed at Yıldız Technical University with all R&D studies with an  export potential.
  • 13 domestic and 1 overseas patents were registered.
  • 1 patent transfer completed.
  • 51 projects were entitled to be supported within the scope of STAR BIGG.
  • Yıldız Technical University ranked 6th in the 2020 TÜBİTAK Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index, and 4th among state universities.
  • 13 projects received support.  (5 projects TÜBİTAK 1001 projects, 3 projects EU projects, 1 project TÜBİTAK bilateral cooperation project, 1 project Pole 1001 project, 1 project SME R&D Startup Support project, 1 project Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Project, 1 Project  as Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry  were found suitable to be supported.
  • Mobility Systems Research Center, established within the scope of the National Mobility Strategy, has started Mobility Lab. studies.
  • The 'Bosch Electric Mobility Training Program', organized in partnership with Bosch Turkey, has started.
  • Various online conferences and congresses were held.
  • YTU rose to the 244th place in the world in the list of "Most Sustainable Universities"  according to IU Greenmetric 2020 data.
  • Clustering studies on Defense Technologies, Digital Technologies and Biotechnology thematic fields were carried out with YTU academic members.
  • In Teknofest 2020, 35 teams reached finals, and 10 of these teams received degrees.
  •  4 academicians, including 1 TÜBA TESIP and 3 TÜBA GEBİP, were deemed worthy of TÜBA awards.
  •  YTU has become the first state university which received  a "Zero Waste Certificate".