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Worldwide Competition in Biotechnology

One of the 10 Universities Producing Output in the Field of Biotechnology

For the last 10 years, YTU has registered its competence in this field as the ninth university in Turkey in the global scientific output production ranking in the field of biotechnology. At YTU, which aims to compete worldwide in the field of biotechnology, some of the medical wastes are produced in medical services, in some department laboratories such as bioengineering and biomedical engineering. These wastes are then collected in special containers and special bags and are collected by an authorized company (ISTAC Inc.) operating under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

YTU academics have more than one research and study to date. Among these are the project titled 'A Disposable Paper-based Nano-biosensor for Multiplexed Virus Detection' implemented by the faculty members of the Bioengineering Department and supported within the scope of the Bilateral Cooperation Program with the TÜBİTAK Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency, and the 'Controlled Boron Compound Containing Supported by TÜBİTAK TEYDEB'. The project titled 'Next Generation Fertilizer Development Based on the Emission System' comes to the forefront of the project titled Creating a Virtual Laboratory for Online Teaching, presented to the ERASMUS+ KA226 program, in which the faculty members of the Faculty of Chemistry and Metallurgy are working.

Yıldız Technical University Laboratories Operate Around the Clock

In addition to these projects, in the Polymer Physics Research Laboratory, dynamic, mechanical and electrical properties of Rhodope, synthetic and biopolymers; While examining wear mechanisms under the influence of external factors, organic, hybrid and perovskite solar cells are produced by using organic and inorganic materials to obtain electrical energy from solar energy in the Organic Electronics Laboratory. In YTU laboratories, functional nano-structured biomaterials are developed in order to produce tissue scaffolds that can be used in the treatment of diseases. In the Biocomposite and Lipid Laboratory, fully domestic synthetic grafts with CE certificate used in the treatment of bone fractures are produced. In the Biopolymers and Vaccine Laboratory; COVID-19 vaccine project, biomaterials, antibacterial polymers, drug/gene/antigen carrier polymer synthesis studies are being carried out. In addition, successful studies in the fields of health, energy and biomaterials continue in the Biotechnology Laboratory.