Instructor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozgen Umit Colak,

e-mail: ozgen@yildiz.edu.tr or colako@alum.rpi.edu

Phone: 0-212-259-70-70/2617,

Office hours: Monday, 2-3 pm.


Reference Books:


  1. “Introduction to the Finite Element Methods” by N. Ottosen and H. Peterson
  2. “Finite Element Procedures in Engineering Analysis” by Klaus-Jurgen Bathe
  3. “Finite Element Method in Mechanical Design” by Charles E. Knight
  4. “Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering” by T. Chandrupatla and A. Belegundu



  1. Introduction. Matrix algebra
  2. Direct approach, truss analysis (One dimensional spring systems)
  3. Strong and weak formulations
  4. Choice of approximating functions for the finite element analysis
  5. Choice of weight function- weighted residual methods
  6. Formulation of finite element method- Linear analysis in solid and structural mechanics
  7. Determination of element stiffness matrices and load matrices.
  8. Structural analysis of one-dimensional elastic bar using finite element method.
  9. Finite element formulation of two dimensional elastic plate
  10. Using commercial FEM package, Ansys.





20% Homework

40% Exams

40% Final



Statement of Academic Integrity: In this course, students are encouraged to discuss among themselves the approach to solve homework problems, but the details of the solutions should be done individually and copying of solutions is not permitted.