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On this web page you are going to find detailed information about my old, current and future loudspeaker projects. These projects include multi way speaker systems as well as full-range speaker enclosures. The enclosure principles are mainly Bass-Reflex, Transmission Line and Horn.

There is a thin line between deciding wherher to design a multi way speaker or not. On one hand, the improvements in electrical components and software make it possible to design a better multi way speaker systems with less problems, on the other hand, the developments in the full-range driver units make it possible to generate sound in a wider frequency band with an acceptable balance. It is very exciting for me to try the new developments in loudspeaker technology therefore you are going to benefit from this by examining my work on both ends. I have designed loudspeaker enclosures with Accuton units, which are made of 0.4mm ceramic, Eton woofers which use a different cone material and Seas units which also use different cone materials and also still build co-axial speaker units. In addition to this wide range of multi way enclosure designs there are transmission line and horn enclosures for Fostex, Lowther, Supravox and AER full-range speaker units.

Are you intrerested in computer simulations? If yes, you may find my simulation software, which simulates the acoustic pressure waves inside enclosures, interesting. The simulator uses non reflecting boundaries and has some different enclosures ready.

There is an entery level information about room acoustics.

I have listed my references and the links which can be helpful to follow the work on this web page under "Links and Documentation" section.

You will also find information about my hobby which is collecting vintage calculators. I have given detailed information about the calculators and pocket computers which I like most.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have anything to say about the material which is found on this web page.

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