Multi Way Speaker Projects

I have built many multi way enclosures, both active and passive, and here are the ones which are different than others in some ways.

Passive Seas bass-reflex enclosure is the first design which I have used an Aluminum coned woofer. They tend to have a nasty peak near 5Khz therefore it is hard to build a passive cross-over for them, however, I wanted to experience the bass response of an Aluminum coned woofer and built this enclosure.

Co-axial Seas project is a transmission line. This was an experimental enclosure which I have tried to learn the essence of transmission line folding. Folding a line is extremely important as far as reflected waves are concerned therefore I have given a simulation of what happens if a TL is folded without proper calculations.

Tannoy project is also a Transmission line. In this project the low end response of a transmission line was investigated under the condition of using a driver with a Qe of 0.4, which can be considered to be at the top end of an acceptable driver to be used on a TL enclosure.

Accuton project is an active design. Each driver was driven with a Class A, solid state amplifier which can deliver 10Watts (RMS). This was a project to learn the effects of diffraction compansation, phase linear active cross-over design and high order cross-over matching.

Corner Horn Project is a revolutionary new design which uses the corner loading very effectively. This is the ultimate sub-bass.

Sea of Tranquility is a two way system. A full-range driver is matched with a 15" woofer. This is how a powerful and clean sounding enclosure should be as far as my listening tastes are concerned.

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