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Designing enclosures for full-range driver units has always been a challenge for me. While dealing with full-range driver units, it is you against acoustics. There are no simple designs like bass-reflexes or sealeds. There are no elecktronic filter parts with which you can alter the sound balance. The only thing you have in hand is the geometry of your design. You can shape the sound, give it a nice balance only by the way you design the geometry of the enclosure. Exciting isn't it? Enclosure geomery is the filter, diffraction loss compansator, EQ and some other things at the same time. You can only design such an enclosure by using the wave equation or its' simplified formulations. At this time transmission lines and horns jump into the scene. However, many enclosures have been tested so far and not much of a room is left to make a huge difference. However, I could find a way to make a difference though. It is a well known fact that the fiber absorbers are used to dampen the unwanted resonances in the TL enclosures. However, they also adversely affect the amplitude of the fundamental frequency which is needed for low end extension. I have removed the fiber absorber from the TL enclosures and introduaced reactive acoustic filters instead, just like the ones which are being used in car muffler (exhaust) systems. The low end performance of the TL has been increased dramatically and I am using this in my TL designs.

The enclosure I have built with Fostex FE-127E is the smallest example of reactive filters. The performance is beyond imagination. You have to build this enclosure in order to believe.

Fostex FE-206E is an exciting Full-Range speaker unit. Very powerful and has a good low end balance. I have designed different enclosures for that driver.

AER MK1 is the best Full-Range speaker unit I have listened so far and yet I think I can not use it to the full extend. There is much more than sound in this speaker unit, musical is the word which also can not satisfy the things which this speaker can achieve.

You can examine my designs which were built by others from this link.

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