Fostex FE-206E

I have reduced the number of the designs on this page to one. The reason is, the Double Horn Design is now a confirmed enclosure.

Construction; the only problem with the horn design is the WAF. I can never understand this and I think I will not spend a second trying to understand why women are putting the design of their living room in front of music appreciation. With a height of 175 cm the Horn design is keeping all the good elements of enclosure building. The depth is around 55 cm and the width is 25 cm, making it a slim and good looking horn.
As you can also imagine, the horn design can have a better imaging. The speaker unit is at 85 cm high from floor level making it very suitable for listening position. Also the horn mouths give a D’Apoolito character to the design. This one is also immune to the placement errors. Yet another thing about this enclosure is, the time delay, given by the placement of the speaker unit, enables the sound energy distributed evenly in the listening room.

And here are the drawigns
. The ziped file contains two files, one of them is a DWG (2004) format and the other one is DXF (2000/LT) format. There are many free viewvers for these files. For those who do not have access to those software here is the pdf format of the drawings. Many thanks to Marco Bianchi for his kind effort for the excellent pdf convertion. You can read his comments using This Link.

However you have an alternative. A rather smaller one. Bert Doppenberg has the drawings of an enclosure which he calls Singular. I have designed that enclosure specially for my AER MK1s. Having said that, the enclosure works quite well with Fostex FE-206E. The resut passes beyond the expectations from a TL and Full-Range combination.

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