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How to install XP using a 40GB HDD on Libretto 110CT
The problem with 110CT is that it doesn't recognize HDD over 8GB. You get around this obstacle by first installing windows XP on that 40GB drive on another computer. When you leave the HDD format as FAT32 and then install that HDD on 110CT, you can start with your installation on 110CT by using a boot disc which is generated by any MS OS starting from Windows 95. You should install Windows XP on Libretto again and the easiest way to do that is to copy Windows XP CD on that 40GB HDD while it was still connected to the other computer. You boot your Libretto from FDD and switch to HDD and start the installation by entering SETUP from the command line. This way, you will not need to deal with EZBios or similar software to make your Libretto recognize your large capacity drive.
HP 200LX and Memory
HP 200 LX is a 80186 based pocket computer which has MS-DOS 5.0 readily installed. This MS-DOS 5.0 is not complete and needs the original disks to be completed. However, this doesn't concern the memory issues which I am going to discuss here. In order to use your favorite Dos software on 200 LX you need more space than it offers to you by default. The maximum standard memory you can find on these computers is 4MB. The DOS takes away 640KB and you are left with the rest. No compiler like Turbo C++ can fit in that space so you need a solution.At this point CF cards come to the rescue. 200 LX has a standard PCMCIA slot. Since CF cards can be used with PCMCIA adapters, it is easy to connect them to the PCMCIA slot of 200 LX . However, it can support up to 128MB and these CF cards can rarely be found these days. I have used Kingston 128MB CF card and I know that it is very slow, specially when you enter DIR command for the first time. Therefore a SUNDISK or a CF card which has 64KB memory can be more suitable.

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