Yildiz Technical University

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Asst. Prof. Dr. C. Oktay AZELOGLU


Adress: YTU Main Campus, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,

                                             34349, Besiktas/Istanbul, Turkey.

Office: A-605

Tel: +90212 3833034

E-mail: azeloglu@yildiz.edu.tr                                                                         

Web: www.yarbis.yildiz.edu.tr/azeloglu



Profession: Machine design and machine elements; Materials handling; Mathematical modeling and model verification; Shake table tests; Active vibration control.


Research Interests:  

ü  Dynamic problems of cranes (Seismic effects; Wind effects; Anti-sway control; Moving load problems)

ü  Dynamic problems of steel structures

ü  Vehicle suspension systems (Active and Semi-active suspension design)