Dear Colleagues and Students,

Yıldız Technical University aims to become a contemporary-world university able to compete scientifically, socially and culturally in the international arena and adopting a scientific and peaceful approach towards value-adding projects along with internal and external shareholders; so as to achieve a serving awareness to the university, which eventually means serving to the best interest of the country. Building upon this fact, YTU goes out of its way to keep up with the continuously-changing nature of the world standards and to constantly monitor the quality and quantity of the instructional and research facilities that are targeted at raising qualified workforce who will contribute to the local and global society in any means possible. This being the case, we are convinced by the fact that focusing on social problems of our country taking a scientific aspect of the ways to provide solutions will at the same time add to the development of the country. No matter how much our internal shareholders – our academics, administrative staff, students, organizations – may contribute to the wellbeing of our university, we all can only share a common goal: Unconditional devotion to the service to the university and thus to the country on a ground of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace. I owe my thanks to the all of our shareholders for their support on the way and in the future.