YTU International Staff Week

16-20 Apr 2018

YTU International  Staff Week was organized by YTU International Relations, Erasmus+ Programme Unit between 16-20 Apr 2018. The main purposes of the event were to foster international and cross-regional networks and to connect a wide range of staff from different institutions and to jointly discuss and develop strategies on how to successfully support our universities’ further development, both internationally and at home. There were 22 participants from 10 countries such as Germany, Greece, England, Spain, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzovinia, Slovenia, Czechia, Poland, they had the chance to see Istanbul and its unique integration of architectural masterpieces and the participants made presentations of their universities.

Throughout the event, various sessions and workshops on Erasmus and Internationalization process were run.  Also, campus tours and social activities were organized, academic and international cooperation meetings have been organized with the faculty representatives.