The city of Jerusalem, which has been the eternal host to ancient religions and societies for ever, has kept this role thanks to the reasurrances provided by Omar the Caliphate and Selim the Resolute. Muslims, who has been doting on this sacred city, made it possible for the city of Jerusalem to become the host to all of the relegions for ages with the idea "to love the created for the creator's sake" and without any discrimination of religion, language, race or skin colour. 
Justice is the fundamental basis of the state, humanity, religion, morality, tolerance and the respect for beliefs. The Turks and Muslims have prioritized the concept of "justice" over the concept of "state" on the land they have conquered for ages. Through this understanding, in Jerusalem and other Islamic regions, people of other religions have had the opportunity to exercise their beliefs.
The statements of recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the relocation of their consulate general from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the President of the United States have ignited the very first fuse of unrest not only in the Middle East but also in many other Islamic regions outside this particular geography.
We condemn this statement and action and are convinced by the fact that this decision that has been made in direct contradiction against the decisions made by the United Nations, international regulations and universal law principles must be withdrawn and must be abolished immediately. 
Recpectfully Announced to the Public.