Yıldız TechnoPark announced the 2nd most successful technopark at the 5th Technology Development Zones Summit

5th Technology Development Zones Summit held by the Directorate General for Science and Technology was organized in Bilkent Hotel and the Conference Center on 29th November 2017. According to Technology Development Zones Performance Index results, the most successful technology development zones last year received their awards in the ceremony.

The Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Faruk Özlü, who addressed the participants at the summit, emphasized that advanced technology would open doors to wider manufacture and export opportunities. Özlü, who emphasized that technology development zones are one of the most important tools to strenghten Turkey’s hand, says The number of our Technology Development Zones are increasing every year. Today, we reached a number of 69 Technocities, namely 55 actively engaged, 14 developing. I would like to remind that in 2002 we only had 5 Technology Development Areas. Our goal is that we found technology development areas in all our 81 cities.These numbers are important. However, a matter, which is as important as the numbers, is the quality. I am glad to mention that our technology development areas leapt forward in quality. 4.475 companies that operate in technocities generates technology for Turkey. These companies employ 44.580 employees. When you look at the sectoral allocation, software, computers and electronics shine out. Research and development outputs that is in the technocities performance indices substantial progresses have been made in charter numbers and intellectual property.”

Following Secretary of State Özlü’s speech, Technology Development Zones Performance Index results in four different categories were announced. Together with Yıldız Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Bahri Şahin and Yıldız Technopark General Director Prof. Dr. Mesut Güner accepted the award from the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Faruk Özlü on behalf of Technopark which won in the ever-evolving technology development zones category. In the same category, Erciyes Technopark placed the first and İstanbul University Technocity placed the third.

Yıldız Technopark displayed the research and development products of Ferge Engineering, Miops and Vivosens Biotechnology and Yıldız Kuluçka companies in its stand. Secretary of State for Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Faruk Özlü, visiting Yıldız Technopark stand and analyzing research and development projects one by one, wished success to the ones who performed the studies.