Interdisciplinary Avionics Engineering MSc. Program

Yıldız Technical University continues to be a scientific destination of raising qualified human workforce for the critical and prioritized fields of science. 13 Turkish Aerospace Industry Employees started the first semester of the Interdisciplinary Avionics Engineering MSc. Program of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering within the scope of the graduate academic cooperation protocol signed by Prof. Dr. Bahri ŞAHİN, the Rector of YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY and Temel KOTİL, the General Manager of the TURKISH AEROSPACE INDUSTRY. The classes are held on YIldız Technical University Campuses and Technopark Istanbul Research Division of YTU.

During 2018, when TAI opened a branch in Yıldız Technopark, also an important cooperation model was constituted among TAI, Yıldız Technical University and Yıldız Technopark. With the interdisciplinary Avionics Engineering MSc. Program, this concept of cooperation has gone one step further and has become an innovative sample of University-Industry Cooperation in the way that this program raises the qualified human workforce.

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