A Message from the Rector to the new students

Dear Students,

I congratulate you on your achievement and effort you exerted in the Undergraduate Placement Exam by the Student Selection and Placement Center and wish you a prolonging success under the roof of Yıldız Technical University.

You are now a member of one of the pioneer institutions in research and education of our country which will equip you by any means necessary for your profession that will shape your life, which incorporates universal values with national ones and which possesses all the ethical values. Yıldız Technical University puts the global norms into practice in novel works and projects and goes out of its way to develop those norms with its know-how of a century-old background. YTU is looking forward to working with you with its productive and expert faculty and with strong scientific, technical and social infrastructure.

YTU shapes its instructional, educational and scientific activities according to the necessities of the era and acknowledging the responsibilities driven by the country’s priorities and by doing so, YTU exerts its efforts into turning you into shining stars of the country. YTU aims at individuals who are experts at accessing knowledge, who are capable of understanding and interpreting basic concepts, who can analyze and synthesize with the principles of scientific thought system who are self-confident and who can take advantage of the knowledge society. YTU will become stronger with your endeavor and hard work. I would like to take this chance to welcome you the Yıldız Technical University family and wish you a promising career.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Dr. Bahri ŞAHİN

The Rector

Please click here for the registration procedures for Undergraduate Programs at YTU according to the 2018-Higher Education Institutions Examination by the Student Selection and Placement Center.